Date Published
19th July 2018

Sometimes I conduct test or maintenance flights in the eastern suburbs of Tokyo. The safest place to do this is usually above a body of water, so I recently headed for Kyuunakagawa.

The suburbs can be just as amazing from the air as the skyscrapers of central Tokyo, for both their building variety and their sheer scope as they stretch off into the distance.

Kyuunakagawa is a small river running parallel to Edogawa, stretching from Minamisuna up to Hirai, and is always a hub of activity full of runners, dog walkers and kayakers. You can see Tokyo’s tallest building, Sky Tree, past its northern terminus, and a multitude of both pedestrian and train bridges crossing it at scenic intervals.

On this particular day there was a large rain storm hanging over Chiba, which made for an impressive skyline in the east.


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