Documentary Profile: Hakobune

1st November 2019

Documentary profile on Japanese ambient and drone musician Hakobune.
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Test stills and video with Asaki Kuryu

19th October 2019

Last week, ahead of an upcoming music video collaboration with producer Ricky Hazama, Asaki and I conducted another test shoot with both stills and video.
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Documentary Profile: Michael Deasey

3rd October 2019

A short documentary profile about esteemed organist and choir master Michael Deasey.
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Pet Life Veterinary Clinic

12th September 2019

Earlier this year I provided Pet Life with photography for their website, in addition to a short video commercial.
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Video Services Summary

18th August 2019

A summary of some of the ground and aerial video services I can offer.
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Stasia Matsumoto Test Footage

Stasia Matsumoto is a kimono educator and photographer, running her own business in Tokyo.
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Roppongi Hills for Goldman Sachs

15th August 2019

Clearing some tricky legal hurdles to fly right in the heart of Tokyo.
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Ojima Jinja Summer Festival

11th August 2019

Some slow motion footage from a local shrine’s summer festival.
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Abstract test shoot with hula dancer

4th August 2019

A few months ago I did a short test shoot with dancer Mamiko Puamana Lee.
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My next major documentary work

2nd August 2019

Some early sample footage from my next major documentary project about the Fukushima samurai.
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Nagano House Renovation

28th July 2019

This summer I began a small documentary project chronicling the restoration of a beautiful old property in Nagano.
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Collaborating with Hasselblad

11th July 2019

Directing a short film for Hasselblad Japan with Keiichi Kondo.
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The Taisho Photographer’s House (Video)

22nd June 2019

My 2016 fine art exhibition companion video work, about an old house and the old photos found within.
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Shinkansen: Rise of the Machines for the Discovery Channel

12th May 2019

Last year I had the pleasure of providing aerial footage for a documentary about bullet trains in Japan, debuting on the Discovery channel.
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Aogashima – Life among the twin calderas (Trailer)

3rd May 2019

Major documentary work about a beautiful volcanic island in the Pacific Ocean.
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Fukushima Exclusion Zone for National Geographic

1st March 2019

Last year I had the exciting chance to fly within the Fukushima exclusion zone, providing aerials for National Geographic’s Explorer production.
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New Member of the Family

3rd January 2019

For the past year or so, I’ve had a new helper in the studio…
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Asaki Kuryu, Modern Dancer

2nd January 2019

Professional dancer Asaki Kuryu and I are in talks with a local Tokyo band to potentially collaborate on a music video, showing off one of their tunes set to her very elegant, freeform modern choreography.
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Island Lumina, Nagasaki

29th October 2018

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of working with a very international team who were bringing the latest version of their global art installation to the small island of Iojima in Kyushu, Japan.
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Soma Nomaoi Festival

13th September 2018

This festival takes place over three days, and includes processions of samurais on horses through the streets, horse racing and horseback flag catching.
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Kuno Pottery for Zeiss

21st August 2018

Helping out my colleague Irwin Wong with some ground and aerial cinematography.
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Congratulations Lewis and Aika!

6th August 2018

Earlier this summer, I attended an old friend’s wedding out in Chiba and brought along one of my drones.
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Aogashima – Life among the twin calderas

24th July 2018

My latest project will be on display at Place M Galleries, Tokyo, from August 6th-12th.
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19th July 2018

Sometimes I conduct test or maintenance flights in the eastern suburbs of Tokyo. The safest place to do this is usually above a body of water, so I recently headed for Kyuunakagawa.
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Mitsubishi Fuso Truck Plant

14th February 2018

Recently I helped out Daimler with some aerials for one of their promotional videos.
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2017 Aerial Cinematography Reel

23rd July 2017

Here is a small sample of some of the interesting places I’ve flown so far in 2017!
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Nagahama Castle, Mishimaike, Mukainokura

12th June 2017

When I first arrived in Japan about 10 years ago, I lived in the beautiful town of Nagahama, so I have very fond, nostalgic memories of this place.
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Torahime, Shiga-ken

2nd April 2017

Following the bloom of the sakura, I stopped by the beautiful small town of Torahime in Shiga, Japan.
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G. Itoya

30th November 2016

Traveling up floor by floor, it’s hard not to be enticed by the carefully arranged products on wooden shelves and in glass cabinets.
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Niji no Izumi

29th November 2016

While on a haikyo trip with my friend Florian, we stumbled upon a fascinating artist and his life’s work.
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Congratulations Irwin and Asuka

7th October 2016

Visiting them in the maternity hospital was a quintessential “only in Japan” experience.
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Yokota Friendship Festival

19th September 2016

This past weekend, the Yokota air base opened their gates and let the general public in.
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Tokyo Game Show 2016

17th September 2016

This is Asia’s largest video game trade show, showcasing all the latest upcoming software, hardware and selling expensive merchandise to the most hardcore of fans, who queue for hours just for a chance to shop.
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The Bat Cave and The Suicide Forest

6th September 2016

Last week Yuna and I took a trip to see Mt Fuji, but it was uncooperatively hiding behind cloud, so we were forced to find a few alternative activities.
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2016 Bowness Finalist

31st August 2016

Earlier this year I received the exciting news that one of my images from the recent series The Taisho Photographer’s House has been chosen as a finalist in the 2016 William and Winifred Bowness Photography Prize.
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Harajuku Super Yosakoi Festival 2016

Last weekend Harajuku was host to a huge two day dance contest and exhibition.
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New Exhibition – Føroyar Landscapes: Photography & Felt

11th August 2016

I am pleased to announced that I will (briefly) be back in Sydney next month to open a
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Studio Ghibli 30 Year Retrospective

8th July 2016

One of Japan’s most beloved modern cultural exports is the work of animation house Studio Ghibli.
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The Taisho Photographer’s House

3rd May 2016

I am sitting at Haneda airport right now about to board a plane to Sydney, thinking about what has brought me to this point.
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14th December 2015

The Swedes definitely knows how to relax and appreciate the company of good friends and good nature.
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How Some New Camera Tech Helped Me Get My White Whale

12th December 2015

This was my third time to visit the island of Ookunoshima, and my third time to try and create an image which does justice to the feeling I have when I walk around the island.
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2016 Calendars are in stock

7th December 2015

This year the images come mostly from Japan, with a few also from the Shetland Isles and the Faroe Islands.
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Art and Culture

6th December 2015

Although I was far away from Japan, it was impressive to see just how much of an influence Japanese culture has in the lives, interests and artistic expression of people everywhere.
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Shikoku Part 3: The Misty Mountains

17th August 2015

Every time I’ve been in Shikoku, the mountains and the clouds put on the most fantastic, moody displays.
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Shikoku Part 2: Nagoro, The Scarecrow Town

10th August 2015

If you were to squint, the small village would look positively bustling; every corner, every building and every field had an assortment of lovingly crafted and well dressed scarecrows posed in myriad scenes of daily life.
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Shikoku Part 1: The Weird Bits

3rd August 2015

My traveling companion Chad has a real knack for finding the most bizarre hidden gems in Japan.
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Shizuoka Getaway

Yuna and I just got back from a lovely weekend in Shizuoka.
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Quick trip to Guam

30th December 2014

The weekend before Christmas, Yuna and I escaped the cold Tokyo winter with a quick jaunt over to Guam.
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2015 Calendars are in stock

2nd December 2014

2014 has been an exciting year for me photographically, and to cap it off I’ve decided to produce a 2015 calendar
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