Documentary Profile: Michael Deasey

Date Published
3rd October 2019

Michael Deasey is an organist and choir master, with many influential years under his belt at the center of Anglican high church music in Sydney, Australia.

I caught up with him in Winchester, where he was just finishing up a tour of several English cathedrals leading Sydney’s Mater Chorale.

Michael kindly sat for an interview and put up with the camera being shoved in his face during rehearsals in the beautiful Winchester cathedral.

He was very open in the interview, perhaps relaxed after the gruelling tour was finally coming to a close after over two weeks of “performing” almost every single day. You would think he might be drained and in need of a break, but he was clearly energised and already thinking about future touring possibilities.

Thank you to Michael, the whole Mater Chorale, and the staff at Winchester Cathedral for allowing me to produce this small peek into a wonderful world full of tradition and devotion.


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