Collaborating with Hasselblad

Date Published
11th July 2019

Even today, one of my favourite images that I’ve ever produced is of the ruins of a poison gas manufacturing facility on the island of Okunoshima.

Back in 2013, I had visited the island several times prototyping the shot that was in my head, experimenting with stitching together a large number of separate images.  In the end, I didn’t manage to get a shot I was happy with until Hasselblad kindly lent me their (at the time) brand new H5D.

I took it to the island along with videographer Keiichi Kondo where I reluctantly got in FRONT of the camera and directed the below short film.

Keiichi did an amazing job, and also selected beautiful haunting music from his talented friend, artist Hakobune, who I have since collaborated with many more times.

For more info about the photo, check out this old blog post here. Friend and colleague Irwin Wong also produced a video of his own as part of this collaboration, which you can see here.


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