Collaborating with Hasselblad

11th July 2019

Directing a short film for Hasselblad Japan with Keiichi Kondo.
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Niji no Izumi

29th November 2016

While on a haikyo trip with my friend Florian, we stumbled upon a fascinating artist and his life’s work.
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14th December 2015

The Swedes definitely knows how to relax and appreciate the company of good friends and good nature.
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How Some New Camera Tech Helped Me Get My White Whale

12th December 2015

This was my third time to visit the island of Ookunoshima, and my third time to try and create an image which does justice to the feeling I have when I walk around the island.
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Art and Culture

6th December 2015

Although I was far away from Japan, it was impressive to see just how much of an influence Japanese culture has in the lives, interests and artistic expression of people everywhere.
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Shikoku Part 3: The Misty Mountains

17th August 2015

Every time I’ve been in Shikoku, the mountains and the clouds put on the most fantastic, moody displays.
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Shikoku Part 2: Nagoro, The Scarecrow Town

10th August 2015

If you were to squint, the small village would look positively bustling; every corner, every building and every field had an assortment of lovingly crafted and well dressed scarecrows posed in myriad scenes of daily life.
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Shikoku Part 1: The Weird Bits

3rd August 2015

My traveling companion Chad has a real knack for finding the most bizarre hidden gems in Japan.
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