Roppongi Hills for Goldman Sachs

Date Published
15th August 2019

To mark their 150th anniversary, Goldman Sachs sent a video team around the world to capture footage of their global offices.

Although this team had a drone pilot of their own, Japanese laws made the shot they were hoping to get impossible. As I have permission from the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism to fly inside Tokyo, I was fortunately able to help them out.

Goldman Sachs needed footage of their employees at the base of the Mori Tower, right in the heart of Tokyo’s dense Roppongi district. Simply having my MLIT permissions did not suffice, but after submitting flight plans and notifying both the local police, the local American military base, and nearby helipads at adjacent towers, I was able to plan and execute a safe flight.

Although many tourists sadly ignore the rules, flying inside Tokyo is by default completely banned, and obtaining permission is a bit of a logistical and legal mess. I’m able to work with clients and local authorities to clear these hurdles, so if you have similarly ambitious urban flight plans, feel free to get in touch!

Below is a small sample of the footage I took for them, which I believe will be used in their 150 year documentary series.



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