Stasia Matsumoto Test Footage

Date Published
18th August 2019

Stasia Matsumoto is a kimono educator and photographer, running her own business in Tokyo.

She is the first subject of a series of mini documentary profiles I have recently undertaken. Other upcoming subjects include musicians, illustrators, historians and artisans.

Stasia has completed a local degree in kimono history, design, dressing and production, and her passion for educating others about the subject is very evident.

She is also a very talented photographer, and she has parlayed these two skills into a thriving business where she can dress you in a personally meaningful and seasonally appropriate kimono and provide you with beautiful images after a photoshoot.

Below you can see some early test footage of the documentary. We have several more days of shooting ahead of us, in order to properly show off her photography and get an insight into her thought process with an interview.

In the meantime, if you’d like to see more of her, please check out her photography and kimono instagrams, or her website if you’d like to make a booking.


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